Aurora Color Rainbow bowl

 The rainbow is the bowl which made rainbow processing on a clear type. 

The clear crystal singing bowl uses 100% of pure crystal called silica sand and is a harmonic overtone musical instrument generating it for high heat of several thousand degrees. 
The modern version of the singing bowl to use in the case of meditation in Tibet esoteric Buddhism. A very good harmonic overtone resounds. 
It is a bowl of the upper register which is the softest, and is light now. 
It is felt definitely that he/she makes a street of the Purana clear. 
By sound quality of lightest angel line, I have a rich harmonic overtone, and the characteristic has a 3-5 scale with one. 
It glitters to fill the light and, as crystal healing, is most suitable in quick mind. 
This sound wave energy is resonant with the body, the mind (soul) of earth energy, the human being. 
Therapists engaged in Hori's Thich medical care adopt purification action and a tuning effect, and they use this bowl for the purpose of taking the amplification, the balance by mental and physical energy. 
It functions in the same way as crystal, and the energy flow sent to by this bowl becomes the balance of the cakra and is used for the adjustment of the flow of energy balance and the mind, adjustment of the energy ground of work, home and the building of liberation and the purification of the heart.