Company profile

PEACEFUL NATURE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD  was established in 2005. We are a professional manufacturer of crystal singing bowls. Through our efforts during these years, we gradually matured. We have established very good cooperative relations with our customers in USA, Canada and Europe. But we still need to enlarge our business base, so if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us at any time. We hope to become part of your higher vibrations.

Crystal singing bowls are not just a product, but something that can impact your heart, and makes your soul clearly. We don't want to simply sell you a bowl, we hope it can bring something good to you. The sound of crystal impacts people greatly and for the better. 

You are precious to us, so we strive to please you. In order to meet your requirement, we improve the technique constantly, enhance the product category. Here at PEACEFUL NATURE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, the quality of our bowls is most important, therefore we use high purity quartz sand imported from USA, and each bowl is very meticulously inspected for your sound pleasure.