Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

Each Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl is Hand Selected & Inspected to Ensure Precision Tuned Premium Sound Quality. Combined with the conductive quality of pure quartz crystal, this is a super-healing sound tool. The Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl is the easiest crystal singing bowl to play. Gently run the included mallet around the rim to make your bowl sing - anyone can play it! These powerful vibrations work to open and balance the chakra and encourage deep healing. PERFECT GIFT for LOVED ONE! You will truly fall in love with this incredible healing tool.

Receive the Powerful Healing Sounds Generated by Playing Pure Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl! In fact, singing bowls of metal have been used across Asia for centuries to heal through pure natural sounds. It is said that it was not until the 1980s, when a tech company creating quartz conductors for computers happened upon bowl-shaped discards of the purest quartz, and the crystal singing bowl was born… Through modern technology, the ancient healing practice of sound fused with the incredible transmitting power of pure quartz crystal has brought us this super-healing sound tool! Bring the healing powers of this phenomenal instrument into your life, or the life of someone you love! Play often, shine brightly, get it today!
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