The Chakras, Thymus and Sound

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 Chakras can be viewed as points of coloured light within the etheric counterpart of the physical body. Many people now have some basic knowledge about chakras, which are whirling vortices of colour which either slow down or speed up depending upon the health of the centre. The speed of the chakras’ spinning also depends on whether the individual needs more energy vibrations of colour, or needs to be slowed down, often with the complementary colour.

The following Chart of the Chakras is helpful to see at a glance the eight major chakras, their colours and purpose. Showing eight indicates we now include the Thymus Chakras, which is placed between the heart and throat centres. The Thymus Chakras is known by some as the Higher Heart, very aptly, since it has many attributes of the heart to express unconditional love, and at the same time is joined to the loving expression of the throat. Together, these two centres, respectively Green and Blue, make Turquoise. Turquoise is used to energize the Thymus gland, thus allowing the immune system to work with 100% efficiency.

  On the page following the Chart of the Chakras is a Table showing the functions of each with their relative colours. When we know these the knowledge becomes second nature in our work, then we can begin to marry colour with sound, which also affects the chakra centres. In our work we do need to better understand the working of the energy in these centres, these whirling vortices of Light. If one centre is not working properly and is not fully balanced, it affects the centres above and below. Most importantly, we need to know about the function of the immune system so that we can nourish and keep it in good condition. This means being aware that everything we do affects it---our thoughts, our diet, our emotions. It needs to be balanced.

NO.         Colour          Location             Musical  keynote        Endocrine Gland 

8           Violet             Crown Chakra              B                           Pineal   

                                  (Top of Head)                              Controls cerebrum,right brain hemisphere,central nervous system,right eye

7            Indigo            Third Eye Chakra           A                        Pituitary

                       (Centre of Forehead)                       Controls endocrine system.left brain hemisphere,left eye ,nose,ears,sinuses and parts of nervous system

6           Blue             Throat Chakra                G                 Thyroid & Parathyroid

                                 (Throat Area)                             Controls jaw,neck,throat, voice,airways,upper lungs, nape of neck and arms  

5         Blue/Green              Thymus Chakra            Any  high note                       Thymus

                                    ( half-way between heart and throat)                   Brings together the energies of the heart(love)and throat(creative expression)in total loving                                                                                                         communication,and to create a strong immune system.

4               Green                   Heart Chakra                      F                           Heart(an organ)                      

                                           (between breasts)                                              Controls heart,blood  circulation,lower lung ribcage,skin, upper back                                            

3            Yellow            Solar Plexus Chakra         E                       Pancreas

                                (3’’ above navel)                                     Controls liver,digestive  system,stomach,spleen,gall bladder,autonomic nervous                                                                                                                system,lower back,muscle.                                                

2            Orange                  Sacral Chakra            D                   Reproductive Organs

                                 (just below navel)                                   Controls pelvic area,sex organs,potency,fluid  functions,kidneys,bladder

1              Red                     Root Chakra             C                        Adrenals

                                 (base of spine)                                 Controls all solid parts:spinal column,bones,teeth and nails,Also controls                                                                                                                             anus,rectum,colon,prostate,blood and building of cells.